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I create & edit content for blockchain, AI, and other projects.


I'm Juliet Annerino. I produce strategic marketing content, including white papers, pitch decks, articles and social media postings for start-ups & tech companies. I help content marketers, product marketers, and executives tell stories, gain online presence, and build vibrant brand recognition.


I also ghostwrite emails, articles, books, speeches, and other material for C-suite executives. I'll work closely with you to match your unique voice and image. To present your message with impact and eloquence.


Based in Los Angeles,  I have written and edited for companies, PR agencies, MIT academics, Harvard and Carnegie Mellon alumni, UN ambassadors, TEDx speakers, and CEOs worldwide. I have written for clients from London (Blockworx) to Chicago (, South Africa ( to San Francisco ( I work with agencies, organizations, and individuals.  


When I'm not working with a client on a project, you might see me speaking at a blockchain conference. I was featured as a speaker at the Fintech 2020 Conference, the Global Blockchain Summit, and the Women in Blockchain Summit at the University of California, Irvine.  I moderated the panel on Blockchain and social impact at the Malta Blockchain Summit and gave a speech on Women in Blockchain at the Anarchapulco Conference in Acapulco Mexico.


   Let's talk about how I can help you take your project to the next level,

 through the power of words.

My Services

White Papers

I'll help you build the proper structure and form for the most important document of your new company. I 'll work with you and your team to compose your white paper according to your vision, to be easily understood and engaging to investors and future customers alike.  I understand blockchain technology and its potential for the transformation of industries worldwide.  I've worked with leaders in the fields of finance, identity, green energy, transportation,  entertainment. gaming, e-commerce, and travel. I also have resources for artwork /design and a resource for Chinese (Mandarin) translation of your white paper, should you require them.

Content Strategy

From your website to your pitch deck, your Medium articles to your press releases, you need an experienced writer/editor to convey your message clearly to your audience in their terms. It's easy to forget that most people today simply are not familiar with the concepts of blockchain, smart contracts, and tokens when you're on the inside.  I'm here to help you and your platform reach those outside the space through simply stated and elegantly presented communication that creates a bridge of understanding leading to the quick adoption of your product, service or platform.

Social Media


I can create a social media posting campaign to suit your company's needs. Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn, Instagram, and youtube have become powerful marketing tools, garnering select brands thousands of loyal followers.  This builds strong community support and guarantees brand recognition. Together we can create the perfect social media marketing plan for you.


From emails to books of over 100 pages, I can write for you in your own unique voice. I write for CEO's, political figures and thought leaders worldwide. My style follows my subject as I approximate the vernacular, tone and degree of levity or gravity in each person's natural manner of communication.  My work also includes speeches, video scripts, and articles ghostwritten for any audience.

Featured Work

I've worked with


M. Schmid, Founder, reAgency

Peg Samuel,

Blockchain Advisor/Consultant,

Founder, Social Diva Media

Nikki Brown,

Sr. Content Strategist ,

Melrose PR

A. Keaton,

Executive Director,

Randolph Bourne Institute

 "I have worked with Juliet on several intensive blockchain projects and ICO launches and can attest to the breadth and depth of her knowledge and skill. She is extremely reliable and a pleasure to work with.

I can't recommend her enough."

"Juliet is a force of nature. She enjoys assisting individuals and companies with marketing, business development, and connections. She is kind, proactive and a pleasure to work with."

"I love working with Juliet, she makes things very simple for me to have polished pieces."

"Juliet is an experienced writer who has demonstrated an ability to communicate the nuances of blockchain-based platforms and protocols in engaging content time and time again. Her professionalism and capacity for making edits based upon feedback makes her one of our go-to writers for client blog creation. I'd highly recommend working with Juliet for any of your content needs." 

"Juliet is that rare combination of fast, accurate and reasonably priced. Her expertise in everything from music composition to cryptocurrency makes her a deft and versatile copy editor."

Craig Seganti,

Educator/Author of

Classroom Discipline 101

"Juliet is one of the most articulate and able communicators I have ever known. As well as her consummate professionalism, it is her versatility in recognizing the writing style and voice that best suits a company or individual and adapting this to write a polished document which makes her work shine."

Let's Work Together

Let's schedule a call so you can tell me more about how you're going to change the world.  (I can help!)

1147 N. Benton Way, #102, Los Angeles, CA 90026-2244 U.S.A

Success! Thanks for your message. I'll get right back to you ~ Juliet

​Tel: (310) 666-2544​

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